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November 2013 Newsletter

This newsletter contains information on Resistance in Cattle Ticks Uncovered, Imported Fire Ant Death, Rift Valley Fever vaccine, Injection Site Basics,  Common-sense Antibiotic Use, Bovine Reproductive and Respiratory Vaccine, Protect Cattle Against Bacterial Diseases, Global Cost of FMD, TAHC Adopts Rules for Animal Disease Traceability and Brucellosis, USDA Works to Protect Livestock from Foreign Animal Disease, Anthrax Case in Texas, Anaplasmosis Prevention, Livestock Economist Confident for 2014 Cattle, FDA Proposes New Rules for Animal Food and Feed, Emergency Management Planning for Livestock Operations, Smartphones Play Crucial Role in… Read More →

August 2013 Newsletter

This newsletter contains information on Pasture Flies, Grasshoppers, Dung Beetles, Deworming & Supplements, Vaccine for FMD, Heat Stress, Beef Production Plummets, Chemical Mixing & Loading, Lyme Disease, Salmonella, New Cattle Virus, E.Coli Machine, Meaning of Natural, Food Borne Diseases, No Drones Allowed, Skipping Breakfast is Bad, July One of the Wettest in the US, Chipotle to Change Beef Standards, Journal Reviews August_2013_Newsletter

May 2013 Newsletter

This newsletter contains information on Stable Fly (Heel Fly) Control, House Fly vs. Virus,  Stink bugs and milk, 17-year cicadas, Time to Deworm, Proper Injection Site, Heat Stress in Cattle, Insect/Weed Control, Equine Piroplasmosis, Parasites in Horses, Mastitis, Grocery Misconceptions, Bright Future for Livestock, Overstocked Cows, Insects for Dinner, Cool April Temperatures, Anthrax Vaccine, Journal Reviews.   May_2013_Newsletter