Workshop Registration

We currently offer 4 different workshops to help guide and train in Vector Management:

2-Day Advanced Mosquito Identification Course: A 2-Day Workshop that includes Mosquito Biology, Mosquito Surveillance for larva and adults, Mosquito Management, Integrated Pest Management, Tick Biology and Tick Management.

Master Vector-Borne Disease Management Certification Course:  A 3-Day Workshop that includes Vector Biology and Ecology, Epidemiology of Vector-Borne Diseases, Prevention & Communication Activities, Insecticide Resistance Monitoring, and Outbreak Response for Vector-borne Diseases.

Preparation for the TDA Pesticide Applicator License:  A 2-Day course (with testing offered on the third day) specifically held for people wanting to obtain a Noncommercial political subdivision (NCPS) License Category 12, Public Health.  Which is an applicator employed by a political subdivision of the state of Texas or a federal agency operating in Texas.

Vector Management CEU Program:  This workshop is designed to train personnel in cities and municipalities that are in the field of mosquito abatement or are working on setting up a mosquito control program.

















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