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February 2013 Newsletter

This newsletter contains information on Stable flies, Fever Tick, Mexican Honey Wasps, Parasite Control, Crypto on dairies, E. coli, Radioactive cattle,  Where have all the beef cows gone?, Consumer’s pain worsens, Should we feed the bears?, Get calcium from food rather than supplements, Beef becoming a “luxury”, and Journal Reviews February 2013 Newsletter

August Newsletter

This newsletter contains information on Horn Flies, New Tick-borne virus, Grasshoppers, Cattle heat stress, Cereal grains and drought, Transporting calves, Cleaning water tanks, West Nile Virus-horses, Cyanobacteria, Anthrax, Chronic Wasting Disease, Petting zoo zoonoses, Drought impact, Drought damaged corn, Baling soybeans, Burger Love, Smoothies are cool in school, Meat eaters and vegetarians, Cheese lowers diabetes risk, California dairymen not so Golden and Blister beetles. August_2012_Newsletter

May Newsletter

The May newsletter contains information concerning Cow-Calf control, Ticks, Horn flies, Pinkeye, Orange oil, Pyrethroid insecticides, Toxoplasmosis, Disease outbreak, Anaplasmosis, Pigeon Fever, Vesicular Stomatitis, Diseased horses, Internal parasites, Restocking after drought, La Nina, USDA fact sheets, Preparing cattle for June and Stink bug crisis May 2012 Newsletter