Cattle Grub Insecticides

Cattle grubs, the immature stage of heel flies, develop within the body of cattle.  Protection from and control of cattle grubs is achieved with avermectin products and dusts.  Carefully read insecticide labels prior to treatment.  Using an avermectin product at the in correct time could cause death of the animal due to a cattle grub infestation near the esophagus or spinal column of the animal.

Cattle Grub

Photo courtesy of C. L. Hoelscher

Rabon 3% Livestock Dust
Ivomec pour on for cattle
Ivomec 1% Injection for cattle and swine
Ivomec Eprinex pour on for beef & dairy cattle
Ivomec Plus Injection for cattle
Dectomax pour on
Dectomax Injectable
Noromectin® Plus Injection for Cattle
Noromectin Pour-on

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