Horn Fly Pesticides

Horn flies are the #1 pest of beef cattle,  living their entire life on the backs of livestock, they feed constantly.  Control is possible with proper insecticide use and biological control factors.

Horn Fly

Picture courtesy of Bart Drees

Dust Sprays Feed-Thrus
Rabon 3% Livestock Dust Co-Ral Fly and Tick Spray Rabon 97.3 Oral Larvicide
PYthon Dust Permectrin II Spray Insecticide ClariFLY
Y-TEX Co-Ral Dust GardStar 40% EC Livestock and Premise Insecticide Altosid® IGR 2% MUP
Atroban 11% EC Insecticidal Spray Altosid® Premix
Fly-Rid Plus Altosid® IGR Block .01%
Screw Worm Aerosol Multi-Purpose Insecticide Spray Altosid® IGR Cattle tub/flock .005%
Super II Dairy & Farm Spray Ready-to-use Pyrethrin/Vapona Altosid® Cattle Custom Blending Premix (10%)
Buzz Off™-Horses Only Altosid® IGR Custom 2%
Tengard SFR Altosid® IGR 1% Liquid
Rabon 7.76 Oral Larvacide Pre-Mix
Pour-On Liquid Concentration Ear Tags
Ivomec pour on for cattle Cygard
Ivomec Eprinex pour on for beef & dairy cattle Co-Ral Fly & Tick Spray Corathon
Dectomax pour on Rabon 50 WP Insecticide
Cydectin Ravap EC Broad Spectrum Insecticide Patriot
Cylence Tuttle’s BRUTE Insecticide
Clean-up pour on Atroban 42.5% EC XP 820
Permectrin S (Synergized) Pour-on Insecticide Permethrin 10% Rapid Kill Insecticide Concentrate PYthon
Permectrin Pour-on Insecticide Pest Rid 10% Concentrate Multi-purpose Insecticide PYthon MAGNUM
Permectrin CDS Pour-on Insecticide Prolate/Lintox-HD WARRIOR
BRUTE Pour-on OPtimizer
Boss Pour-on Insecticide GardStar Plus
Saber Pour-on Insecticide Dominator
Synergized Delice Pour-on Insecticide Double Barrel VP
Ultra Boss Pour-on Insecticide
Ultra Saber Pour-on Insecticide
Atroban Delice
Permethrin 1% pour-on cattle and sheep insecticide
Synergized Permethrin 1% Pour-on Insecticide
 * Contact Dr. Swiger for more informationslswiger@ag.tamu.edu

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