Horse Fly/Deer Fly Insecticides

Horse flies and deer flies are aggressive biters that attach large ruminants and wildlife, as well as people.  They are very persistent insects that are difficult to control.  Insecticides should be used in addition to physical barriers and traps in order to receive the best control.

Horse FlyDeer Fly

Photos courtesy of Bart Drees

Liquid Concentration
Permectrin S (Synergized) Pour-on Insecticide
Ravap EC Broad Spectrum Insecticide
GardStar 40% EC Livestock and Premise Insecticide
Permectrin Pour-on insecticide
Atroban 42.5% EC
Atroban 11% EC Insecticidal Spray
Atroban Delice Pour-on Insecticide
Fly-Rid Plus
Boss Pour-on Insecticide
Screw Worm Aerosol Multi-Purpose Insecticide Spray
Synergized Delice Pour-on Insecticide
Tengard SFR
Ultra Boss Pour-on Insecticide
Permethrin 1% pour-on cattle and sheep insecticide
Synergized Permethrin 1% Pour-on Insecticide
Permectrin CDS Pour-on Insecticide

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