House Fly Insecticides

House flies are readily in contact with livestock and humans alike.  Using their sponging mouth parts, they carry pathogens to every location they visit.  Although they do not harm livestock, their nuisance qualities rank them high on the pest list.  Many products are available for controlling house flies in many different locations and facilities.


Baits   Feed-Thrus Fly Traps
QuickBayt Fly Bait
QuikStrike Fly Abatement strip
Maxforce Granular Fly Bait Rabon 7.76 Oral Larvacide Pre-Mix Fly Terminator trap
QuikStrike Fly Scatter bait Rabon 97.3 Oral Larvicide  Fly Terminator pro
Golden Malrin Fly bait  Terminator Fly Attractant
Starbar Fly bait station  Trap’n toss Fly trap
Elector® Bait  FlyRelief and Giant FlyRelief
Milk Jugg Trap
 Ez Trap
 Fly Stik
 Fly Stik Jr.
Captivator Fly trap  
Pour-on   Liquid Concentration   Sprays
Clean-up pour on Ravap EC Broad Spectrum Insecticide Permectrin II Spray Insecticide
Synergized Delice Pour-on Insecticide Tuttle’s BRUTE Insecticide GardStar 40% EC Livestock and Premise Insecticide
Ultra Boss Pour-on Insecticide Atroban 42.5% EC Atroban 11% EC Insecticidal Spray
Permethrin 10% Rapid Kill Insecticide Concentrate Fly-Rid Plus
Pest Rid 10% Concentrate Multi-purpose Insecticide Screw Worm Aerosol Multi-Purpose Insecticide Spray
Tengard SFR


Pour On   Liquid Concentration   Sprays
SwineGuard Pour-on Tempo 20 WP Catron IV



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