Lice Insecticides

Lice are common parasites of pets, livestock, poultry and humans alike.  Different animals have different types of lice and some lice suck blood while others chew on feathers, skin or fur.  All lice are damaging, irritating and can transmit disease pathogens.  Early detection and intervention are key to proper and speedy control of an infestation.

Head Louse

Photo courtesty of B. Brewer

Coumaphos Co-Ral

Dust   Spot-on   Ear Tags
Dust from KMG Coumaphos 1% Livestock Dust   CyLence Ultra
 Rabon 3% Livestock Dust  PetArmor for Dogs Corathon
Rabon Beetle Shield 6  PetArmor for Cats Patriot
PYthon Dust  SpectraSure for Cats Dominator
Y-TEX Co-Ral Dust  SpectraSure for Dogs Double Barrel VP
GardStar Garden & Poultry Dust XP 820
GardStar Plus
Injectable   Pour-on   Liquid Concentration
Cydectin Ivomec Eprinex pour on for beef & dairy cattle Co-Ral Fly & Tick Spray
Ivomec 1% Injection for cattle and swine Dectomax pour on Rabon 50 WP Insecticide
Ivomec Plus Injection for cattle Cydectin Ravap EC Broad Spectrum Insecticide
Dectomax Injectable Cylence Tuttle’s BRUTE Insecticide
Noromectin® Plus Injection for Cattle Clean-up pour on Atroban 42.5% EC
Permectrin S (Synergized) Pour-on Insecticide Taktic EC
Ivomec pour on for cattle Permethrin 10% Rapid Kill Insecticide Concentrate
Permectrin CDS Pour-on Insecticide Pest Rid 10% Concentrate Multi-purpose Insecticide
Sprays   BRUTE Pour-on Prolate/Lintox-HD
Co-Ral Fly and tick spray SwineGuard Pour-on
Catron IV Boss Pour-on Insecticide
Permectrin II Spray Insecticide Saber Pour-on Insecticide
GardStar 40% EC Livestock and Premise Insecticide
Synergized Delice Pour-on Insecticide
Atroban 11% EC Insecticidal Ultra Boss Pour-on Insecticide
SpraySuper II Dairy & Farm Spray Ready-to-use Pyrethrin/Vapona Ultra Saber Pour-on Insecticide
Buzz Off™-Horses Only Permethrin 1% pour-on cattle and sheep insecticide
Tengard SFR Noromectin Pour-on
    Atroban Delice Pour-on Insecticide
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